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URL Author Submitter Reviewer
erichoracek/MSDynamicsDrawerViewController/pull/21 arturgrigor davearonson theharshitgarg
mindmup/bootstrap-wysiwyg/pull/50 jordandh davearonson Blue-EyesWhiteDragon
robflaherty/jquery-annotated-source/pull/4 wilebeast davearonson nirmalathapa
subprotocol/verlet-js/pull/8 cwgreene davearonson nirmalathapa
sophos/WWW-SFDC/pull/7 chorny chorny mafiasoph
aforemny/googl/pull/1 najela najela mafiasoph
dbis-uibk/relax/pull/16 jeongwhanchoi jeongwhanchoi laxman954
mstevens/Proc--InvokeEditor/pull/3 chorny chorny Pr0methean
DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/pull/38447 MichaelDeBoey MichaelDeBoey Leoperon
kavindyasinthasilva/facebook/pull/1 imgbot[bot] kavindyasinthasilva dubdabasoduba
andygrundman/Image-Scale/pull/5 chorny chorny kaizen999
posquit0/Awesome-CV/pull/236 jeongwhanchoi jeongwhanchoi mbaralle
rohitdate/Crime-Analysis-Prediction-System/pull/1 gautham678 gautham678 gautham678
Mons/lib-abs/pull/3 chorny chorny Joshua-Burleson
Vaishalipab/Crime-Analysis-Prediction-System/pull/1 gautham678 gautham678 3-14159265359phD
mongoosastic/mongoosastic/pull/502 guumaster guumaster AjayAgAI
OpenSRP/opensrp-client-anc/pull/368 dubdabasoduba dubdabasoduba None! Sign in to volunteer.
heelhook/chardin.js/pull/17 caleon davearonson mushtaq96
OpenSRP/opensrp-client-anc/pull/369 dubdabasoduba dubdabasoduba None! Sign in to volunteer.
thyrlian/AwesomeValidation/pull/75 shubhnaik shubhnaik vishwakalyanaraman
BaReinhard/Hacktoberfest-Data-Structure-and-Algorithms/pull/578 jeongwhanchoi jeongwhanchoi freepad
sahilrider/DS_ALGO/pull/16 kiliczsh kiliczsh dobhsh
sahilrider/DS_ALGO/pull/15 kiliczsh kiliczsh nestorsgarzonc
sahilrider/DS_ALGO/pull/13 kiliczsh kiliczsh dotslash21
CircleCI-Public/slack-orb/pull/94 dotslash21 dotslash21 wackyjackson
sahilrider/DS_ALGO/pull/14 kiliczsh kiliczsh sandeepjindal


On this site there is a list of pull requests (or PRs) submitted for review, belonging to open-source projects hosted on Github.  Click the PR to open it in a new tab or window.  Click Take (when logged in) to commit to reviewing that PR.

If for whatever reason you can't review it in a timely manner, please untake it (i.e., close the review), so that someone else can review it.  This can be done by the reviewer, the person who submitted the PR to PRR, the person who authored the PR, or the project owner.  Later we may store a review history.

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