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URL Author Submitter
angular/angular.js/pull/4879 caitp davearonson
FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/pull/2244 2ndkauboy davearonson
libgit2/libgit2/pull/1610 jwiegley davearonson
monospacecollective/MSDynamicsDrawerViewController/pull/21 arturgrigor davearonson
ansible/ansible/pull/3954 elasticdog davearonson
heygrady/scss-blend-modes/pull/7 timhettler davearonson
robflaherty/jquery-annotated-source/pull/4 wilebeast davearonson
subprotocol/verlet-js/pull/8 cwgreene davearonson
mindmup/bootstrap-wysiwyg/pull/50 jordandh davearonson
helios-framework/helios/pull/24 cookrn davearonson
heelhook/chardin.js/pull/17 caleon davearonson
aforemny/googl/pull/1 najela najela


On this site there is a list of pull requests (or PRs) submitted for review, belonging to open-source projects hosted on Github.  Click the PR to open it in a new tab or window.  Click Take (when logged in) to commit to reviewing that PR.

Please take this commitment seriously!  It takes the PR out of the list, so nobody else can take it.  If for whatever reason you can't review it in a timely manner, please put it back in the list.  You can do this by submitting it just as if it were a brand-new submission.

This is a public service of Codosaurus, LLC.  See https://github.com/davearonson/pull-request-roulette for more information, such as planned features.  Please read the README, browse the issues, and suggest more features.