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2015-01-08: Who took it?

New feature: "taking" a PR will now, instead of removing it, simply mark it as being under review.  (Also, I've ripped out what little JSON support there was; maybe I'll add a full API later -- much later.)

2013-06-30: Publicity, better UI, OAuth fix....

First, I decided to publicize it a bit more widely.  It got a huge boost from being mentioned on the Ruby5 podcast, and also Status Code.

One person who then found it, Matthew Burket did exactly as Ruby5 suggested: put together a pull-request to give PRR a much-needed facelift, and submitted it not only to the PRR Github repo, but also to PRR itself.  The timing and choice of framework were perfect, as I've been intending to check out the light-weight Zurb Foundation (at least, compared to Twitter Bootstrap), which he used.

He also submitted a PR to add a sign-in button, but it didn't work... but it's not his fault.  It didn't work because my OAuth setup was basically broken, except for in a before_filter.  So, while he gets credit for at least adding that little button, I then did a bunch of fixing and rearranging to make OAuth logins work right.  (And a little clearer.)

2013-05-05: Yup, sure enough, OAuth problems....

While trying to simplify some things about the OAuth login process, so that I could more easily test the features that require login, I screwed it up... and since the OAuth login itself is so hard to test, I hadn't done so yet, so no tests broke.  So, that's why the production site has been unavailable for a couple days.  :-(  If anybody out there knows how to test OAuth login capability, using RSpec and Capybara, without dragging in much additional tooling, please let me know.  Thanks!

Also, the previous arrangement of having the authorization occur on submission of a new PR, wasn't quite working, resulting in losing the PR you submit before logging in.  I have now moved it to when you go into the new-URL form, so you come back there cleanly and nothing is lost.

2013-05-04: FINALLY some styling!

I have finally added some basic styling.  Eventually I'll try to find some nice freely-usable graphics of a roulette wheel and/or table, but for now the basic idea is a green background like the felt of a roulette table, and most other things being in white on alternating red and black backgrounds like the numbers on the wheel.  I'm not sure yet of the color of text on the main background, nor any fonts.  Visual design is a weak point of mine; I'm more of a back-end developer.  (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)  Feel free to make suggestions, but please keep it simple.

2013-04-30: Duplicate PR rejection

Pull Request Roulette now rejects attempts to submit pull requests that it already knows about.

2013-04-28: Github Login integration

Pull Request Roulette now makes you sign into Github, authorizing here via OAuth before you can add or take (delete) a pull request.  Third-party authorization is rather tricky, and testing it doubly so, so I predict occasional problems with this.  :-(

2013-04-27: Basic Github integration

Pull Request Roulette now rejects pull requests that don't exist, or have been closed.

2013-04-23: Basic Spammerproofing

A few more bits functionality have been added.  Mainly, since the system would otherwise be horribly abusable by spammers, it now rejects URLs that are not at least in the right format to be a Github pull request.

2013-04-23: 3... 2... 1... LAUNCH!

The basic functionality of Pull Request Roulette launched today.  Only the absolutely necessary functionality (adding and removing something from a list of URLs), and no styling at all, has been included.  If you don't grok the name, it's sort of an homage to Chat Roulette.



On this site there is a list of pull requests (or PRs) submitted for review, belonging to open-source projects hosted on Github.  Click the PR to open it in a new tab or window.  Click Take (when logged in) to commit to reviewing that PR.

If for whatever reason you can't review it in a timely manner, please untake it (i.e., close the review), so that someone else can review it.  This can be done by the reviewer, the person who submitted the PR to PRR, the person who authored the PR, or the project owner.  Later we may store a review history.

This is a public service of Codosaurus, LLC.  See for more information, such as planned features.  Please read the README, browse the issues, and suggest more features.

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